Affordable Dental Care in Costa Rica

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Dentist for foreigners in Costa Rica

Affordable dental care in Costa Rica
Affordable dental care in Costa Rica

If you are looking for an expert and extremely affordable dental practice to provide you with many different types of dental care services, then you will definitely want to visit us at our practice, Colina Dental. At our office, you can receive a wide range of treatments from dental implants to All-On-Four full mouth reconstructions, all while receiving affordable dental care in Costa Rica.

Many of our patients enjoy coming to our dentistry practice where they can receive dental care that is excellent, but at greatly reduced costs compared to the US. Oftentimes patients who are traveling come to visit our dental practice when they are looking for affordable dental care in Costa Rica. Our patients also benefit from the fact that we have our own on-site dental labs which allow our dentists to offer even faster service when they are providing patients with dental crowns, bridges, dentures and implant restorations. Our on-site lab also offers more exacting results, so our patients are very pleased with the fact that their dental restorations are comfortable and well-fitting the first time around. If you have missing teeth that need to be replaced, we offer many different types of treatment options. We offer fixed and removable bridges as well as All-On-Four dental implants. Our cosmetic dentist will be able to fully restore your smile and your sense of well-being, all while you are on vacation in Costa Rica. Crowns or partial dentures can also be provided by our dental experts when a patient eats to have fewer teeth replaced. Other services that we can provide effective and affordable treatment for are: problems with TMJ; porcelain veneers; full dentures and partial dentures; and other dental procedures. Our vacationers enjoy the fact that their dental savings are actually between 50% and 80% less than receiving the same dental care in the United States. Our dentists are internationally recognized for their excellence, and follow American dental standards using state-of-the-art technology in a comfortable and modern dental facility.

For an appointment to visit us at Colina Dental for affordable dental care in Costa Rica, contact us today.

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