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Cosmetic Dentist in San Josè

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Smile reconstruction in San Josè

Cosmetic Dentist in San Josè
Cosmetic Dentist in San Josè

A smile reconstruction refers to taking an inventory of those problems that you have with the way your teeth look right now, developing a plan of action, and then implementing that plan. Here at Colina Dental, we utilize teeth whitening, veneers, and dental implants, along with CAD-CAM technology, to build your smile back up to the standards you expect.

The ultimate judge is you when it comes to what will be part of your smile reconstruction. There is no absolute guideline for what any given person will consider acceptable or desirable. Of course, our cosmetic dentist in San José will offer advice and recommendations, but you make the final decision. It’s only the teeth that show when you smile or laugh that are typically included in the reconstruction, though you can request that other teeth be part of it. Over the course of time, and for a variety of possible reasons, your teeth can become visually unappealing. Some may have never been to begin with. Some of the possible reasons that you would consult with our cosmetic dentist in San José are chips and cracks, misshapen or crooked teeth, too much space between teeth, discolored or stained teeth, dull teeth, and missing teeth. That may sound like a lot, but most people will not face all of the above at one time. Assessing the current state of your smile and taking into account what you want to see for your results will dictate the outline of the smile reconstruction. In the end, your new smile will include a mouthful of whole, white, perfect looking teeth. And you’ll be eager to show them off.

Set up an appointment to come in and see our cosmetic dentist in San José. Determine if you’re prepared to move forward with your smile reconstruction, and take that first step toward it.

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