Costa Rica root canal treatment

Costa Rica Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal in Costa Rica

If you just recently had a root canal, your tooth isn’t fully restored yet. It’s very important that you follow your dentist’s after care instructions to a tee and that you take precautions. One very important thing you must do after Costa Rica root canal treatment is to make sure you practice good oral hygiene.

After your Costa Rica root canal treatment, your tooth is still under repair. It needs time to heal (weeks) before you’re ready to get a permanent filling or cap placed on it. Until your tooth heals and an experienced dentist like ours at Colina Dental places the cap or permanent filling, your tooth will be very susceptible. For this reason, you need to make sure that you take very good care of your tooth and take precautions during period of time (the time in between your root canal and the placing of your crown). Oral hygiene is always very important but following a root canal; it’s critical. Since your tooth is exposed after the procedure, you’re more susceptible to dental problems such as an infection if you don’t practice good oral hygiene after a root canal. It’s normal for there to be some level and pain and discomfort after a root canal, which can make it more difficult to brush your teeth, but it is important that you do. Keeping your mouth clean is vital in order for your tooth to heal properly. Your dentist will provide you with instructions (after your root canal) outlining how to care for your teeth as well as things you avoid doing post-procedure. Follow your dentist’s post root canal care instructions precisely. If you have questions or don’t understand something, contact your dentist right away. If you’re experiencing extreme pain or are having difficulty with brushing your teeth and/or with your oral hygiene regimen, you should contact your dentist immediately.

To learn more about oral hygiene and post Costa Rica root canal treatment, contact our office. We look forward to your call and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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