San Jose Pediatric Dentist

San Jose Pediatric Dentist

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Kids Braces in San Jose

San Jose Pediatric Dentist
San Jose Pediatric Dentist

Kids braces can be beneficial earlier than they used to be considered useful. Now it is standard to have children evaluated for orthodontics by age 7, and possibly earlier if there is cause to do so. At Colina Dental, we urge you as a concerned parent to bring your child in for a consultation.

This type of care at a young age is often referred to as either interceptive orthodontics, or phase I treatment. The point is to get out ahead and be proactive. The effects of improper teeth positioning are cumulative, so what is true at age 7 will be even more so by age 12 or 13. By taking action now, our San Jose pediatric dentist can reduce the need for phase II treatment in adolescence, and in some cases eliminate the need for it entirely. When you consider that teens are typically very self-conscious about their appearance, that is just one good reason to take advantage of kids braces now. Another is that the time involved and the likely expense will be less if you don’t wait for the problems to become more complex and difficult to treat. Furthermore, orthodontic issues may cause your child discomfort, so anything you can do to stop that from occurring is always going to be a positive thing. Some of the more common signs that you can look for that would indicate your child might need our kids braces are finger or thumb sucking, early or late loss of baby teeth, difficulties chewing, mouth breathing, jaw clicking or other noises, crowded front teeth, or misplaced teeth. Any of the above is reason enough to have your child see our San Jose pediatric dentist.

All you need do is contact our office so that we can book a convenient time for you and your child to come in for an examination and evaluation by our San Jose pediatric dentist to determine if orthodontic treatment is a good idea right now.

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