San Jose toothache

San Jose Toothache

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Common causes of toothaches in San Jose

Getting dental work done can be daunting, but it is important that you have any pressing dental concerns addressed as soon as you begin to experience symptoms. Here at Colina Dental, we can help patients suffering from a number of dental issues and other emergencies. If you think you may have a San Jose toothache, our staff is ready and prepared to provide you with the urgent care you need to assess the problem, provide you with a diagnosis, and perform the dental care that you deserve.

Here at Colina Dental, we are proud to have Dr. Julian Conejo on board. He is a leading, globally recognized prosthodontist specializing in the replacement of missing teeth and the restoration of damaged or worn natural teeth. We realize that dental work can be scary for several reasons. Some people are afraid of how the procedure will feel, and others are more concerned with the bill they’ll get afterward. As a result, many people let dental issues go untreated, allowing them to only get worse. If you have a San Jose toothache or know that you need dental care, then Dr. Conejo is here to help. With years of experience and expertise, Dr. Conejo and our entire dental team here at Colina Dental can provide patients with a number of different dental procedures and treatments, including those used to treat toothaches of all kinds. Toothaches can be caused by injury, damage, decay, disease, and more, and as soon as you are given a diagnosis we can get started on providing you with the treatment that you need to recover.

We offer a wide range of services here at Colina Dental, including dental implants, full mouth restoration, TMJ care(temporomandibular joint disorder), dental crowns, dental bridges, porcelain veneers, full dentures, partial dentures, and much more. To get treatment for a San Jose toothache or other dental issue, feel free to call our offices to learn more about what we offer and to schedule your visit with us.

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