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Emergency Dentist in San Josè Costa Rica

Dental trauma in San Josè Costa Rica

Emergency dentist in San Josè Costa Rica

Emergency dentist in San Josè Costa Rica

Our emergency dentist in San José Costa Rica is available when you suffer dental trauma, such as when a tooth becomes dislodged or avulsed (knocked completely from its socket). You never know when an injury or accident can occur, and being aware of what steps to take can make all the difference between saving the tooth and losing it. Here at Colina Dental, our priority is to make sure you get the attentive and expert care you want and need, and in a timely manner.

A dislodged tooth can sometimes be pushed gently back into position. Try it, but don’t force it. When the tooth has come completely loose and is out of your mouth entirely, you will need to keep it moist in order for it to be viable. Do this by placing it in a container or milk or one with water and a pinch of salt. When you take that measure, you are giving yourself the best chance to let our emergency dentist in San José Costa Rica be successful in rescuing the tooth. Take over-the-counter pain relievers and use an ice pack to assist with any discomfort and to reduce swelling until you can get to our office. Our emergency dentist in San José Costa Rica will clean the socket and the surrounding area, and attempt to put the tooth back into its spot. For a dislodged tooth, this is typically easier. With an avulsed tooth, there is often pulp damage, and root canal must be done. The tooth may need to supported with orthodontic wire or a plastic splint while it heals.

There is no doubt that quick and thoughtful action can greatly improve the chances of keeping your natural tooth when an accident or injury has left you with dental trauma. Call our office right away for essential guidance and to alert us that you are on your way.

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